Great Mills High School – The School Shooting You Did Not Hear About


The horrific Stoneman Douglas High School shooting happened on February 14 of this year and I can’t even begin to explain how frustrated I get every time I listen to the mainstream media try to once again “educate” us on gun control, background checks, assault weapons, military grade weapons, weapons of war, and all of these vague and meaningless, yet scary, sounding things.

Update: Jaelynn Willey, one of the two victims who were injured at Great Mills High School died at 11:34 pm on Thursday.

In the meantime, did you hear that there was another school shooting? Oh, you didn’t! It happened this Tuesday! Still, you haven’t heard about it, or maybe you heard about it and then the guy on CNN switched back to Russia, Russia, Russia.

This Tuesday, March 20, an armed 17-year-old student entered Great Mills High School in Maryland and broke fire. The shooter managed to injure two students and then something extraordinary happened. A good guy with a gun stopped the shooter from inflicting more damage by pursuing him and bringing him down. Who would have thought that in order to stop a bad guy with a gun you need a good guy with a gun! From this account, we now know that the one who is dead is the gunman, instead of the students, and we can hope and pray for the speedy recovery of the two injured children, thanks to Deputy First Class Blaine Gaskill, the armed school resource officer on site.

That being said, where’s the grand CNN town hall meeting? Where’s the nationwide school walkout? Where’s the 60 Minutes interview with the survivors of the attack? Where are the hashtags? After all, this is a school shooting. Here’s where. All of these things are nonexistent when the event or the evidence doesn’t support the Left’s agenda. By now, the Parkland survivors that CNN and the other major news outlets trot out every day for their own benefit have become household names. And I am not saying this in order to disparage the horror that these kids experienced. What I’m asking is do you know the name of Blaine Gaskill, the man who brought down the gunman in Maryland? Are you ever going to hear about this story again? Hardly ever. The school had an armed guard who saved the day. Just days ago, everybody on the Left was appalled by and ridiculed President Trump’s idea of arming guards and teachers at schools, and getting rid of gun-free zones. Well, they are not laughing now that they were proven wrong. Instead, they choose to burry the news.

Here’s more of the double standard. Does Sutherland Springs ring a bell? I bet to most people it doesn’t. This was yet another vicious and disgusting mass shooting, this time at a church, that got buried by the news fairly quickly, even though the event left 26 people murdered and another 20 injured. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the gunman was stopped from inflicting even more damage and murdering even more innocent people by a good guy with a gun. Stephen Willeford, a longtime member of the NRA and former NRA instructor, heard the shots, grabbed his own gun and ran outside barefoot to confront the shooter. They exchanged fire, Willeford hit him in the leg and the torso, and eventually led police to the gunman.

We barely hear about events like these. Maybe they get one article or mention on CNN and the other major news networks, but they never get nearly as much attention as the Parkland shooting did, or any other shooting that fits the gun control agenda. They claim they want to fix the problem. Well, how about looking at the real reasons behind shootings, not the mere presence of guns, but the reason why a deranged young man decides to grab a weapon of any kind in the first place. They don’t want to report the facts that there’s already thousands of gun laws in place, federal background checks are required for ALL gun purchases, automatic weapons have been banned since 1994, there’s no such thing as the gunshow loophole, and the term assault rifle is a vague term that doesn’t mean anything. Instead, they outright mislead their audience, drop phrases like fully semi-automatic weapons, assault and military style weapons, and every other term that invokes fear and confusion. Guess what? It is already illegal to do illegal things. In regard to the Maryland school shooting, no additional gun control law could have prevented it from happening. It is already illegal under Maryland law for anyone under the age of 21 to possess a handgun (unless their job requires it.)

So how about looking at what the root cause of the problem is. Things like mental health, lack of moral figures and meaning in life, which is paramount for children and young developing minds, the increasing rate of single motherhood and fatherless homes. All of these things lead to generations of lost, nihilistic young people, for the most part, young men. But I digress.

The Left is determined to keep everyone misinformed and behind on these issues. They laughed at the idea that more guns in the hands of good people actually prevents crime. But they are not laughing when we suggest they disarm their security guards and put up a sign in their front yards that their home is a proud gun-free zone. They don’t dare to even go out in public to protest guns, out of all things, without armed guards by their side, like Bernie Sanders did a week ago at the organized school walkout. And by the way, these armed guards are paid for by the American taxpayer. Informing people on what is going on is key. Most people are reasonable enough to draw their own conclusions once they have all the facts laid out in front of them. It is also true that most people are lazy and they rely on being fed news and information without having to do anything. This is how we end up with misinformed people, who may have their heart at the right place, but the facts and reality don’t necessarily match with their feelings. This is why we all have to be proactive and seek the truth, do our own research, look at the facts, think critically, and ultimately draw our own conclusions.

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