Guess who’s back? Bernie’s back.

February 19, 2019

As the 2020 Democrat Presidential hopefuls keep growing in number and the DNC tries to find a football field big enough to accommodate all of those dreamers for the debates, yet another one of our old friends launched his campaign and joined the race, bringing the total number of future losers to 10.

I’m talking about no other than old Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the Commie Independent Senator from Vermont. Since, thanks to Bernie and his Marxist ramblings, the Democrat party is pledging its full allegiance to the old Communist philosopher, there’s no reason for us to call Bernie an Independent. It is important to note that just several years ago, Sanders was an outlier. His Marxist ideas and positions were outliers. He will be running as a Democrat again and now, the Democrat mainstream positions are his 2016 positions and then some. This makes Bernie a perfect fit for the party’s 2020 agenda.

The fact that Bernie is back makes the primary battle even more interesting and I can’t wait to see those debates. But it doesn’t change the fact that, as sad and scary as it sounds, Bernie’s destructive ideology has become so mainstream that every single Democrat candidate feels compelled by a supposed base to embrace it and run on a socialist/communist platform.

During the 2016 primaries against Hillary Clinton, Sanders stood out. Don’t get me wrong. I hate everything Bernie stands for with passion. I’m sure he knows Marx’s little pamphlet word by word.  But I think this time around, he will have a much harder time to stand out with anything. Everyone on that stage will be holding the same exact views and running on the same exact platform. Unless he runs on the platform of the only guy who’s old enough to have known Marx personally (at the time of the 2020 election, he will be 79), I don’t think he’ll stand a chance against Hillary 2.0 aka Kamala Harris. But let’s see what happens.

I’ll leave you with this 1985 video of Bernie praising bread lines and the Castro regime in Cuba. Watch, enjoy, and may God be with us!


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